Name of the School: Saint Paul’s School

Kekri Road, Rajnagar, Vijainagar 305624, Ajmer, (Raj)



Phone No.: +91 7014174720, +91 80 0303 7410

Status of Affiliation: Provisional

Affiliation No.: 1730445

Affiliation with the Board since: 01-04-2010

Extension of Affiliation up to: 31-03-2020

Year of establishment of school: 2001

School is recognised by CBSE New Delhi.

Name of Society: Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Society, Ajmer

Principal: Rev. Fr. Cantius Ligoury


Phone No.: +91 9414009545

Area of school campus

In Acres: 3.11 Acres

In sq.mtrs: 12585.72 sq. mtrs.

Built up area (sq.mtrs): 2249.467 sq. mtrs

Area of playground in sq.mtrs: 9080.533 sq. mtrs

Other facilities: Dance Room, Music Room, Indoor Games, Outdoor Games, Smart Class

Library facilities

Size of the library in sq. feet: 2400sq. feet

No. of Periodicals: 364

No. of Dailies: 06

No. of Reference books : 9945

No. of Magazine: 30

Payment of Salary: Single cheque transfer to Bank of Baroda for staff salary.

Members of Sexual Harassment

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Ms. Sarla M L President
2 Ms Manjula Menon Secretary
3 Rev. Sr. Santana Member
4 Ms. Durga Devi Member
5 Rev. Fr. Cantius Ligoury Member

List of Members of School Managing Committee.

Name Designation Post Address Tenure
Rt. Rev. Pius Thomas D’souza President, RCDES Ajmer Chairman Bishop House, Kasiergunj,Ajmer 3 Years
Rev. Fr. Cosmos Shekhawat Vice President, RCDES
Vice Chairman I. C. Cathedral, Kasiergunj,Ajmer 3 Years
Rev. Fr. Susai Manickam Principal St.Paul Ajmer Secretary of Society Principal , St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School, Ajmer 3 Years
Rev. Fr. G. Francis Director, Pastoral Centre, Ajmer Member Manager Director, Pastoral Centre, Madar, Ajmer 3 Years
Rev. Fr. Cantius Ligoury Principal St. Paul Bijainagar Member
Principal St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. school, Bijainagar 3 Years
Rev. Fr. Ronald Lobo Principal St. Paul Beawar Member Principal St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. school, Beawar 3 Years
Rev. Sr. Suchita Principal St. Francis Ajmer Member
Principal St. Francis school, Ajmer 3 Years
Rev.Fr. John Carvalho Educationist Member Principal, St. Martin School Bhawanikhera 3 Years
Rev. Fr. David In-charge St. Peter & Paul School Member Manager, St. Peter & Paul School, Narbatkhera 3 Years
Rev. Sr. Candida Sister Representative Member C/o St. Paul School, Bijainagar 3 Years
Rev. Sr. Santana Staff Representative Member C/o St. Paul School, Bijainagar 3 Years
Rev. Sr. Neelima Staff Representative Member C/o St. Paul School, Bijainagar 3 Years
Mr. Henry D’souza Staff Representative Member Shivaji Nagar, Bijainagar 3 Years
Mrs. Rajkumari Parent Representative Member D 59, RSWM, Kharigram, Gulabpura 3 Years
Mrs. Rangita Vipul Parent Representative Member Subhash Nagar, Bijainagar 3 Years
Mr. Amit Joseph Parent Representative Member Patel Colony, Bijainagar 3 Years

Particulars of Teaching staff

Name of staff Designation Date of Birth Date of Appointment Trained/




Rev. Fr. Cantius Ligoury Principal 30-06-1965 01-07-2015 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Anjana Sukhwal PGT 25.01.1972 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Henry D’souza PGT 29.10.1981 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Pooja Moolwani PGT 27.12.1983 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Shabana Parveen PGT 06.07.1976 01.04.2012 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Sharda Choudhary PGT 10.06.1984 01.04.2012 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Simmy Tak PGT 06.01.1981 01.07.2013 Trained Confirmed
Mr. N. L. Gattani PGT 24-02-1979 01-04-2015 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Naresh Choudhary PGT 08.07.1989 01.04.2015 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Garima Jain PGT 11-10-1984 04-04-2016 Trained Confirmed
Rev. Sr. Santana TGT 01.03.1956 01.07.2014 Trained Confirmed
Mr. G.L Prajapati TGT 01.07.1976 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Manjula Menon TGT 08.09.1968 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Snehalata Jhanwar TGT 25.01.1974 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Rajkumari Gehlot TGT 15.11.1974 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Jaisi Raj George TGT 09.09.1986 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Prabhu Singh TGT (Lib.) 05.05.1975 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Vinita Pal TGT 15.02.1983 01.07.2013 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Sunita Shiju TGT (PET) 16.07.1981 01.08.2014 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Naveen Sharma TGT (Dance) 10-01-1991 11-04-2015 Trained Confirmed
Rev. Sr. Regina PRT 15.02.1968 01.07.2018 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Sudha Vyas PRT 02.06.1975 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Preeti Jain PRT 22.03.1979 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Miss. Poornima Rawat PRT 19.04.1990 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Mahaveer Samariya PRT 02.12.1986 01.04.2013 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Anju Rastogi PRT 28.03.1973 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Om Prakash PRT 11.03.1988 01.04.2012 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Pushpa Rawat PRT 05.10.1983 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Sunil Alfred PRT 21.09.1974 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mr. Amit Tailor PRT  14-07-1981 04-04-2016 Trained Confirmed


Name of staff Designation Date of Birth Date of Appointment Trained/




Mr. Amandeep Singh PGT 07-07-1992 17-09-2017 Trained Probation
Mr. Uttam Kumar PGT 30-03-1981 02-04-2018 Trained Probation
Mrs. Garima Lohar TGT  24-08-1991 04-04-2017 Trained Probation
Mr. Abhinav Parasharr TGT  11-11-1987 02-04-2018 Trained Probation
Mr. Shiv Shailener TGT  05-08-1978 02-04-2018 Trained Probation
Mrs. Deepshikha Sharma TGT  01-01-1985 10-04-2017 Trained Probation
Mr. Derek Anthony TGT (Music) 31-07-1992 02-04-2018 Trained Probation
Mrs. Rituka Sharma PRT  08-09-1986 04-04-2017 Trained Probation
Mr. Pranit Choudhary PRT 20-10-1987 01-09-2017 Trained Probation
Mrs. Lokprabha PRT (Art) 04-09-1985 02-04-2018 Trained Probation
Mrs. Tapapriya Gupta PRT 24-08-1989 02-04-2018 Trained Probation
Mrs. Sangeeta Sarkar PRT 12-02-1980 02-04-2018 Trained Probation
Mrs. Manju Rawat KG Staff  23-04-1991 04-04-2017 Trained Probation
Mrs. Sneha W Deulkar KG Staff  23-04-1991 04-04-2017 Trained Probation


Name of staff Designation Date of Birth Date of Appointment Trained




Rev. Sr. Alexia KG Incharge  14.08.1946 01.07.2018 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Vinee Davey KG Staff 21.09.1976 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Krishna Priya KG Staff 05.10.1976 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Leelamma N.B KG Staff 02.12.1971 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Manisha Sharma KG Staff 19.09.1979 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Helen Joseph KG Staff 13.05.1985 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed
Mrs. Rangita V KG Staff 22.06.1982 01.07.2011 Trained Confirmed

Details of salary being paid by the school to teaching staff and other staff.

Designation Pay Scale Grade Pay DA EPF Contribution
PGT 9300-34800 4800 72% 12%
TGT 9300-34800 4200 72% 12%
PRT 9300-34800 3600 72% 12%
KG 5200-20200 2400 72% 12%
LDC 5200-20200 2400 72% 12%
IV CLASS 5200-20200 1700 72% 12%

Section wise enrolment of school for current session

LKG A 52
LKG B 45
UKG A 51
UKG B 51
I A 50
I B 49
II A 53
II B 53
III A 55
III B 54
IV A 50
IV B 49
V A 49
V B 50
VI A 54
VI B 54
VII A 47
VII B 50
IX A 50
IX B 49
X A 50
X B 49

Academic session period: 1st April to 31st March

Vacation period: 12th May to 24th June

Admission period: February to March